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Tired of all the tropical beaches, amusement parks and skiing slopes you usually hit during your group holidays? Are you ready for something different, something even more meaningful?Kent has earned a reputation as one of the most visited cities in the United Kingdom. No wonder. The various landmarks that dateback to the ancient times and the Middle Ages lend an ageless appeal to this county. Is it any wonder then that many people from the world over include it in their list of places to visit at least once in their lives?

But exploring this county should not be done half-heartedly. After all, Kent is that type of county where every corner offers the potential of a discovery. You could say that there isn't an inch of it that is not worth exploring. And explore it you must; but, to do so, you need to have the services of a Kent Minibus that would take you anywhere you want to go without any fuss. That is why Minibus Hire Kent exists: for your pleasure.

A minibus with driver hired from our firm is the best option for first-time visitors to Kent, particularly those who are travelling in groups. In this way, you will be hitting three birds with one stone. Obviously, the first would be the fact that you will have a Kent minibus to ride on through the county. The second would be your driver, who will be assigned by our company if you choose our minibus with a driver. Friendly, engaging and an "expert" on anything and everything related to Kent, he would pretty much negate your need to hire a separate tour guide to show you around. Of course, the third would be the added benefit of simply sitting back and not having to worry about navigating or figuring out traffic rules and routes. Let our driver worry about that; your job – if it is indeed a job – would be to simply enjoy yourself and soak up the Kent charm.

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Of course, if you prefer privacy and you do not want anyone to wrest control of the trip away from your hands, just let us know and we will present you with our other service – the self drive minibus hire. Here, you'd be better off if you have a bit of familiarity with the streets of Kent. Perhaps, if this is your first time in the county, you could avail of our minibus hire with driver; on your return, you would have acquired enough knowledge about the county to be confident with our self drive minibus.

You don't want to spend more than what is necessary on your trip? That's not a problem. You're probably under the impression that, if you are in need of cheap minibus hire, Kent is the last place you should look for it. We are quite happy to put a stop to that line of thinking. Minibus Hire Kent has been established seemingly with the budget traveller in mind. An in-depth comparison of all our cheap minibus hire services with that of all other similar service providers in the county would clearly show that our rates are, by far, the lowest. Considering the top notch quality of our service, you know you are a winner if you sign up with us.

And if that isn't enough, the mere fact that you will be riding on a Kent minibus from our esteemed fleet already makes you a winner. You would definitely have a hard time saying no to us once you've checked out how much we take care of our minibuses. You do not have to worry about hygiene or sanitation because we keep our vehicles so spotless that you would never hesitate staying inside them for prolonged period of time. Even the add-ons and extras are worth noting. A modern entertainment system, comfy and cosy seats, drink coolers, sliding roofs... you will definitely want for nothing. That amount of pampering is not what you'd probably expect from a minibus hire service provider, and that makes our company stand out among our peers and competitors.

Minibus Hire Kent has also earned its reputation, thanks to the pool of drivers that we have. Highly qualified, well-mannered, competent and reliable, these drivers have received more than ample training when it comes to ferrying visitors around Kent. You wouldn't even need a guide to show you around if you have one of our drivers behind the wheel. As mentioned earlier, you can take advantage of your driver's expertise of the county and its history.

So make that list of places to visit and check it twice, even thrice. Make sure Kent is listed among them and, beside the county name, write in "Minibus Hire Kent" so you'll know which company you should trust to go along with you on your exploration of the county.

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